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Private Hospital Gets The All Clear

The Australian Financial Review – 2 May 2017 – Read the article

World Class Hospital Campus Proposed for Camden Region

The first steps toward an advanced, integrated medical hub for South West Sydney have been taken with a Significant State Development Application lodged for a concept proposal for a 473 bed hospital at Gledswood Hills.

Camden Private Hospital, a $330 million investment in the region, will form the centrepiece of a new one-stop shop health campus, providing integrated care across the entire life cycle. It will sit on a 4.2-hectare site, located six kilometres north of Camden, six kilometres west of Campbelltown, and 15 kilometres from Badgerys Creek.

The hospital and health campus will serve a rapidly growing population in the South West Growth Region. Within three kilometres of the site, 20,000 homes have recently been built and a further 80,000 are planned.

The project would become one of the largest private hospitals in Sydney, built from the ground up to accommodate modern models of integrated care and the very latest technology. The broader campus is expected to include a cluster of specialist consultancy rooms, allied health and a dedicated centre for paediatric healthcare.

“Our vision is for an ultra-modern hospital campus offering world class health care to the people of the Camden region and the South West,” said Satwant Calais, Director Gregory Hills Corporate Park.

“South West Sydney will add 300,000 people, a city the size of Canberra, in the next decade. Both private and public health investment is needed to meet this demand.

“People living in this growing region – especially children – deserve access to the very best health services. Through the creation of this hub we have a unique opportunity to offer accessibility to health services that will rival the best standards in the state.

“The technologically advanced hospital will be supported by a cluster of specialist doctors, allied health professionals and other clinicians. Clustering health services on a single campus avoids these services being scattered ad hoc and means the community will not have to travel long distances between specialists. With this proposal, we have the opportunity to create a health hub that draws specialists and clinicians from across medical disciplines to one central location.”

The project offers profound employment benefits to the region. Once fully operational, it is projected to generate 3,200 direct and indirect jobs. The construction phase alone will create 400 jobs.

“This is a $330 million investment in the Camden region – a powerful signal of confidence in its economic growth. We anticipate that if this is approved, it will spur other businesses to invest, creating more jobs and economic activity,” Mr Calais said.

“The Camden Private Hospital will also create a diversity of jobs that span blue collar, retail, and administration; as well as specialist doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and white collar managers.”

The State Significant Developments Application for the concept proposal for Camden Private Hospital has been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and is now open for public comment.

For further information or to arrange an interview, please call: Nick Lucchinelli 0422 229 032

Key Facts:

  • The concept proposes a 473-bed, six-storey, ultra-modern hospital built from the ground up with the latest medical technology.
  • The 4.2 hectare site sits eight kilometres north of Camden, six kilometres west of Campbelltown, and 15 kilometres from Badgerys Creek.
  • 20,000 homes have recently been built within three kilometres of the site, and a further 90,000 are planned. By 2026, the area will have a population 300,000 people.
  • The Camden Medical Campus would represent $330 million worth of health investment for the region.
  • After construction it is envisaged the new precinct will be the third-largest employer in the entire Camden local government area.
  • Demand for health services in Southwest Sydney exceeds supply; this demand is set to expand even further with the addition of 300,000 people to the Macarthur region in the next decade.
  • Currently half of Camden region residents seeking health services have to go outside the region.
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